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Hi, I’m Leptos.

I decided to start up a blog to talk about my World of Warcraft play habits.  I’m not a very hardcore player, and I’m definitely the sort of person to bounce from class to class trying to find something I like.  I’ve played off and on (mostly on) since day one of vanilla, and I’m playing right now and enjoying Cataclysm.

So far in Cata, I’ve leveled a warrior from 1 to 85, then successively leveled four characters from 80 to 85: my paladin, then my druid, then my mage, then my rogue.  The pattern’s been pretty similar so far, and it was similar to my pattern in WotLK: get to the level cap, do some battlegrounds solo queueing, become dissatisfied with some aspect of the character, level another character to cap.

In Wrath, I played my rogue most actively, which is where the name Leptos comes from.  So far in Cata, I’m enjoying the rogue most as well.  I think I’m pretty susceptible to the opinions of others – I didn’t level my rogue up, even though it had been my favorite character in the last expansion, pretty much entirely because people were talking about how low rogue burst was in PVP.  Then subtlety got a huge buff, and what do you know I was leveling my rogue actively.

I’m a hack, what can I say?

In Wrath I got about 1850 in 2v2 with my rogue, playing with a DK friend, who had to quit WoW due to real life.  I then faction and server transferred to play with a real life friend in her guild.  I did ICC10 for like three weeks, quit doing that, and generally mucked around for most of the rest of the expansion, quitting shortly after 3.3.5 and missing apparently very little.  I tried 2v2 with a couple of partners, and bounced servers a couple times with different characters (Tich is not for me, it turns out), trying to find something really fun.  I’ve always come back to play on Cenarion Circle, with the RL friend and my guildmates I’ve come to really enjoy talking to.

So that leaves me here.  I get bent out of shape solo queuing in battlegrounds, have a hard time finding people in my guild who want to PVP with me (and who I feel are around my play skill, which may be some hubris on my part), and don’t like people outside my guild well enough to try to find PVPers there.  Right now I’m doing a little 2v2 each week, playing Rift half-heartedly in the wee hours of the morning, and generally enjoying Cata PVP for what it is.

And sometimes I yell at the screen when I lose eight straight battlegrounds.  My plan: blog about it instead.  Here we go!

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