Another week, another 2v2 points Monday

I started out this week hoping to do some more exciting PVP stuff, but ultimately I just got in 5 wins on my rogue (which I play with my girlfriend’s survival hunter) and ten games over an hour and a half with my druid (which I play with a friend’s ret paladin).

The rogue/hunter games went pretty smoothly, I think it took us nine games – she’s played since midway through Wrath, but hasn’t PVP’d much.  It’s easily some of the most fun I’ve had in WoW since I started playing at the beginning of vanilla – she gets really excited about smoking squishy targets, and I wish our schedules lined up more neatly so we could set aside more time to practice.  I have a guild PVP night scheduled Wednesday, and if only a few people show, I’ll likely do wargames, 2v2 or 3v3, with guildmates.  She’ll play with us, and that should be a lot of fun.

The ret/rdruid games were more successful – we played 10, won 8, got a DC (my client crashed) for one, and quit out of the last instead of finish the inevitable 45 minute match.  Argh.

It’s 2v2, so I know it’s going to happen periodically, and I think I majorly screwed up by making some bad calls.  The opposing team was resto shaman/mut rogue, and I had my ret partner on the shaman 80% of the time, trying to outlast.  I just wasn’t thinking at the time, and was surprised that the shaman kept regenning mana while getting focused.  I haven’t played a shaman, and had to actually think for a moment after the match to remember water shield.  My bad, completely.

I also failed to call for freedom, instead trying to use my druid toolbox to get some distance between myself and the rogue.  If I’d thought for a bit about my partner’s abilities instead of just mine and my opponent’s, I’d have gotten that space easily – the rshaman wasn’t purging me, and even if they started once I had freedom, I had a rejuv and three stacks of lifebloom covering up HoF.

But we wrapped up the night above 1500.  It’s the first week (out of three so far) that we’ve played beyond our five wins, and it was immensely satisfying.  We were in the 1400s (although our team MMR is about 1650 now), so it was largely absolutely awful teams.  Not just bad comps (prot warrior/enhancement shaman?) but bad play.  On the one hand I like the easy wins, but it always makes me feel a little self-conscious that I’m getting paired against mages that don’t ice block and rogues that accidentally dismantle the resto druid instead of the ret.

But I know that’s just a time thing.  Playing for five wins isn’t going to get us up there, and I don’t put in the time to finish up my PVP gear either.  The honor grind gets me down, and so I’ve only gotten a piece or two a week since I started seriously PVPing in Cata.  Plus I divide that honor grind between a rogue and a druid, after doing a bunch of alt-bouncing earlier.

But I digress.  Tonight was fun, and gave me a lot of hope for getting some rating this upcoming week when I set aside time to play!

For readers with know-how: do you ever focus a resto shaman in 2v2?  I just feel like it was an enormous blunder, and the match went to half an hour with only a couple moments where one of them nearly died, so I called it and we /afk’d.  But thinking about water shield, and the fact that my partner could have stuck on the rogue fairly easily, I really feel it was a winnable matchup.

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