Contagious Negativity

I hopped into a couple battlegrounds with a few guildmates tonight, and things went poorly.  I think I need to adopt a new tack for grouped battlegrounds, because my negative attitude is affecting the friends I play with.

We did Arathi Basin first, and the four of us had no trouble taking and keeping one node at a time.  We still got four-noded though, because all eleven other alliance seemed to zerg with us all over the map.  I bitched on mumble about how stupid they all were, and how I hate doing AB with less than fifteen people.  Which I think upset the person who picked AB, and likes it a lot.  So first stupid thing I did.

Next we did Warsong Gulch, and ended up just holding the flag on defense.  That was my bad, not splitting us up into carrying and flag return pairs, or even just sticking the four of us on full time defense to avoid having to return a flag at all.  But I bitched again about the stupid pugs, and I think the negativity got everyone else down.  We afk’d out and everyone found other things to do.

I need to change my attitude.  Losses don’t bug me in arena – I fully expect to get outplayed, and I scour my play for mistakes when it happens.  But for some reason I feel entitled to wins in battlegrounds, and I get really unpleasant to be around when they don’t happen.

Ideally I would just go in with guildmates and goof around for a couple hundred honor over the course of an hour.  If we win, we win, and if not so what?  I just get so wrapped up in winning that I get really dour the moment things go south.  It’s easily my worst trait in WoW, and what I most want to change by writing about and examining it.

So there you go, dear readers!  I am going to do better next time.  Guild PVP night is Wednesday, and by god I will be a cheery son of a bitch all night!

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