PvP Wednesday Result: CRUSHING DEFEAT

Well, attendance was a lot better than I expected for our guild PvP night, but we did absolutely terribly.  We got a full ten for rated battlegrounds, starting out with two healers (myself and a holy paladin).  Three of us had a decent amount of PVP gear, and the rest of the people joining had either a couple pieces or none at all because they were just interested in getting into Cata PVP.

I think we did five battlegrounds over the course of the night, with one person quitting halfway through and getting replaced pretty quickly.  We had our shadow priest switch to disc, giving us three healers, and we did a little better at the end than we did at the start.  The count was three Warsong Gulches and two Battles for Gilneas.  It felt like coordination was a lot snappier on all the opposing teams, which I feel responsible for – I had a couple DPS asking me who they should be targeting, and we didn’t keep anyone CC’d for very long, it felt like.

Still, going 0-5 isn’t the absolute worst thing in the world, and people seemed to have fun despite our decidedly one-sided losses.  I feel like it maybe would have been better to just grab a handful of people and enter the random battleground queue, to start getting people honor points to buy more gear with.  I just really wanted to get a bunch of guildmates together and do a PVP event.  We were pretty heavily outmatched right from the start, however, by the organized teams queueing up horde-side.

On the personal front, I stayed positive almost throughout.  I think I got a little negative a couple of times, but I tried to keep it to myself, and I ended the evening feeling upbeat.  Losing never feels great, but going in with a good attitude made it much less discouraging.

The net result is thoroughly positive though!  I had two guildmates who, to my knowledge, hadn’t touched PVP since Cataclysm came out; one said she hadn’t PVP’d at all since vanilla, actually!  They both expressed a strong interest in PVPing more if it’s available, so I may start grabbing them when I see them on for random battlegrounds.  And the people who were more experienced didn’t seem discouraged by our losses.  I want to get some excitement about PVP going, so people are eager to queue.  Maybe even to the point that full groups will queue without me on!

MAYBE even to where there are a few casual arena teams being formed, to see how that goes.  Imagine the fun!  So despite our defeats, I’m calling tonight a big success.

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