Setting goals keeps me sane

It used to be that the only goal I set when doing the honor grind was “I will play until I can’t stand playing anymore.”  Needless to say, I got really frustrated by the end of a play session.

Now I set small, concrete goals.  “I’m going to play until I get enough honor to buy [Next Piece.]” is a common one, as is “I’m going to play for the next hour and then get a bite to eat.”

The food thing is actually really handy – it’s how I got myself to do homework in college, and it translates well.  Just tonight, I got a bowl of cereal and a coke on different occasions as self-granted rewards for reaching a particular stopping point.  It helps me, because while buying a new piece of gear is always a great reward, it’s not practical to do that entire grind at a stretch.

I feel good about the amount of honor I’ve eked out the last few days.  I have Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays off from work, and since I’m up way later than anyone I live with, I end up playing a lot of WoW in the wee hours of the morning.  I stayed positive almost the whole way through the honor grinding I’ve done these nights, and it’s paid off.  I got my helm on my rogue, and I’m halfway to the 2250 needed to buy my chest – which will hit 4pc and the awesome bonus once I get there.

I knocked out five wins with my girlfriend on Wednesday, and I’ll be doing rdruid/ret sometime this weekend when my partner feels up to it – he couldn’t tonight.  It’s looking like it may be Monday night again, which is all right.  I want to put in a couple of hours and see if we can get our rating to climb up into the 1600s.  We’ve been coordinating CC really well and getting clean, smooth kills.  I feel good about the future.

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