Monday Night PVP: Rough Night

The PVP itself actually went pretty well tonight: it was resto druid/ret paladin night, and we played 18 matches going 9-9.  We started around 1500 rating and climbed up to 1650, which I feel good about.  The very first match was a seemingly endless one against a holy paladin/I don’t even remember team, and we had two more very long matches which both ended in losses: one against a disc priest/aff lock team that ended when I got mana burned to death, and another against a resto shaman/frost DK team that ended when the DK’s burst all lined up and he killed me through my available healing.

But the rough part was my attitude and my partner’s.  Criceto (my ret) got fed up and called it early.  Long matches are draining, I know, and nobody ever shows up to make a never-ending stalemate uneven like they do in a battleground.  Thus, occasionally, 2v2 is just a never-ending slugfest and awful as a result.  I get that, but it still sucked seeing it get the better of a friend.

I threw a straight-up temper tantrum a short while after we stopped playing.  It was unrelated (directly) to the game, but it was a temper tantrum, and I’m writing this blog to talk about my bad behaviors.  So here goes.

I was mad at myself for some big errors I made during arena matches, and then mad at myself for getting mad at myself and raising my voice.  And it just spiraled out of control, ending with my spraining my hand angry-punching an inanimate object like a freaking five-year-old.

I stayed pretty upbeat during the games, re-queuing and talking about what we could have done better, what my mistakes were, etc.  But apparently it boiled over afterwards, and I just don’t know what I need to do to further distance myself.  Because it’s a fucking game, and I act like a spoiled child over it sometimes.

I don’t really have a solution.  In the abstract, I’m happy about how tonight went in the game.  I’m furious with myself for acting the way I did afterwards, and everyone in the house with me at the time had to hear me carrying on, both before I hurt my hand and (more whinily) after.  There’s no excuse for it.

So that was tonight.  Frustration won.  We’ll see what I do tomorrow.

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My roving eye

It’s sad, but I have to consciously remind myself that I’m a great rogue pretty regularly to avoid trying to gear up my warrior or level a death knight.  I have the absolute worst case of class envy.

I think it’s a testament to WoW’s design, but it still cripples my ability to forcefully commit.  I’m somewhat worse with my druid, because I mever healed very seriously in PVP before Cata.  I don’t even know if I’m a good resto druid!  Maybe I’d make a better disc priest!  And so I get that alt-leveling itch.

I fight it off by telling myself I’ve already sunk a lot of hours into the drood, but what about you, dear readers?  How do you stay focused on gearing up instead of spreading out?

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Low-activity day for me today

Almost all the WoW I did today was trying to make gold, no battlegrounds or even a heroic!  I leveled inscription from 505 to 525, which was hellishly expensive, and chain-milled a ton of firebloom and whiptail into inks.  I’m going to try to sell some darkmoon cards in a couple weeks when the faire is on servers again.

I leveled my priest alt for a bit, and that’s about it.  I also made breakfast in bed for my girlfriend and talked in mumble with some guildmates.  It was actually a pretty nice day, but super-boring for blogging about anything I actually did.

I’ve got ret/rdruid arena scheduled for Monday, so I should definitely have some commentary on that.  And I’m pretty contented at the moment.  So that’s nice?

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Setting goals keeps me sane

It used to be that the only goal I set when doing the honor grind was “I will play until I can’t stand playing anymore.”  Needless to say, I got really frustrated by the end of a play session.

Now I set small, concrete goals.  “I’m going to play until I get enough honor to buy [Next Piece.]” is a common one, as is “I’m going to play for the next hour and then get a bite to eat.”

The food thing is actually really handy – it’s how I got myself to do homework in college, and it translates well.  Just tonight, I got a bowl of cereal and a coke on different occasions as self-granted rewards for reaching a particular stopping point.  It helps me, because while buying a new piece of gear is always a great reward, it’s not practical to do that entire grind at a stretch.

I feel good about the amount of honor I’ve eked out the last few days.  I have Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays off from work, and since I’m up way later than anyone I live with, I end up playing a lot of WoW in the wee hours of the morning.  I stayed positive almost the whole way through the honor grinding I’ve done these nights, and it’s paid off.  I got my helm on my rogue, and I’m halfway to the 2250 needed to buy my chest – which will hit 4pc and the awesome bonus once I get there.

I knocked out five wins with my girlfriend on Wednesday, and I’ll be doing rdruid/ret sometime this weekend when my partner feels up to it – he couldn’t tonight.  It’s looking like it may be Monday night again, which is all right.  I want to put in a couple of hours and see if we can get our rating to climb up into the 1600s.  We’ve been coordinating CC really well and getting clean, smooth kills.  I feel good about the future.

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Low-Rating Arena Guide

I want to write a guide for people who are playing at low ratings, as I am right now on my rogue.  And I’m not talking low as in 1600.  I’m talking low as in 1200.  You might be in bad gear, you might be an inexperienced player, or you might just want to arena with a spec that is completely unsuited for arena.  But you want to get conquest points for the week, and maybe you want to get better!  I can help with both of those, and you can trust me.  I got duelist in season 7!

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PvP Wednesday Result: CRUSHING DEFEAT

Well, attendance was a lot better than I expected for our guild PvP night, but we did absolutely terribly.  We got a full ten for rated battlegrounds, starting out with two healers (myself and a holy paladin).  Three of us had a decent amount of PVP gear, and the rest of the people joining had either a couple pieces or none at all because they were just interested in getting into Cata PVP.

I think we did five battlegrounds over the course of the night, with one person quitting halfway through and getting replaced pretty quickly.  We had our shadow priest switch to disc, giving us three healers, and we did a little better at the end than we did at the start.  The count was three Warsong Gulches and two Battles for Gilneas.  It felt like coordination was a lot snappier on all the opposing teams, which I feel responsible for – I had a couple DPS asking me who they should be targeting, and we didn’t keep anyone CC’d for very long, it felt like.

Still, going 0-5 isn’t the absolute worst thing in the world, and people seemed to have fun despite our decidedly one-sided losses.  I feel like it maybe would have been better to just grab a handful of people and enter the random battleground queue, to start getting people honor points to buy more gear with.  I just really wanted to get a bunch of guildmates together and do a PVP event.  We were pretty heavily outmatched right from the start, however, by the organized teams queueing up horde-side.

On the personal front, I stayed positive almost throughout.  I think I got a little negative a couple of times, but I tried to keep it to myself, and I ended the evening feeling upbeat.  Losing never feels great, but going in with a good attitude made it much less discouraging.

The net result is thoroughly positive though!  I had two guildmates who, to my knowledge, hadn’t touched PVP since Cataclysm came out; one said she hadn’t PVP’d at all since vanilla, actually!  They both expressed a strong interest in PVPing more if it’s available, so I may start grabbing them when I see them on for random battlegrounds.  And the people who were more experienced didn’t seem discouraged by our losses.  I want to get some excitement about PVP going, so people are eager to queue.  Maybe even to the point that full groups will queue without me on!

MAYBE even to where there are a few casual arena teams being formed, to see how that goes.  Imagine the fun!  So despite our defeats, I’m calling tonight a big success.

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Contagious Negativity

I hopped into a couple battlegrounds with a few guildmates tonight, and things went poorly.  I think I need to adopt a new tack for grouped battlegrounds, because my negative attitude is affecting the friends I play with.

We did Arathi Basin first, and the four of us had no trouble taking and keeping one node at a time.  We still got four-noded though, because all eleven other alliance seemed to zerg with us all over the map.  I bitched on mumble about how stupid they all were, and how I hate doing AB with less than fifteen people.  Which I think upset the person who picked AB, and likes it a lot.  So first stupid thing I did.

Next we did Warsong Gulch, and ended up just holding the flag on defense.  That was my bad, not splitting us up into carrying and flag return pairs, or even just sticking the four of us on full time defense to avoid having to return a flag at all.  But I bitched again about the stupid pugs, and I think the negativity got everyone else down.  We afk’d out and everyone found other things to do.

I need to change my attitude.  Losses don’t bug me in arena – I fully expect to get outplayed, and I scour my play for mistakes when it happens.  But for some reason I feel entitled to wins in battlegrounds, and I get really unpleasant to be around when they don’t happen.

Ideally I would just go in with guildmates and goof around for a couple hundred honor over the course of an hour.  If we win, we win, and if not so what?  I just get so wrapped up in winning that I get really dour the moment things go south.  It’s easily my worst trait in WoW, and what I most want to change by writing about and examining it.

So there you go, dear readers!  I am going to do better next time.  Guild PVP night is Wednesday, and by god I will be a cheery son of a bitch all night!

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